Monday, 13 August 2012

Another Hungry Jack's complaint

A long time friend of the Purple Headed Earls has sent this one through for your enjoyment.  He swears that the cashier didn't have a speech impediment.

To whom it may concern,

I have been a local in the Bulleen area for some time now, over this considerable amount time I have probably been into this store about 2-3 times per year, thus not making me your best customer.

Myself and my partner dropped into your store on Sunday around midday for something to eat, on our arrival in the store, we both commented on how the décor in this store hasn't changed for as long as we could remember, but considering that we are infrequent customers this was the least of ours worries.

The reason we wanted Hungry Jacks was for your signature burger (The Flamed Grilled Whopper), so after waiting around 3-4 minutes at the counter, where your highly competent staff seemed to look at us and look at us and look at us, we were asked, how can I help you, this is where the confusion started - I ordered your signature burger (please see above) and so did my fiancée, to which the girl at the counter replied "sorry, we only have fried burgers today", "I’m sorry" I asked, "Yes, we only have fried burgers today, our boiler isn't working", I then questioned her on the process of cooking a "Flame Grilled Whooper" to which she replied, "In the boiler sir". Now I'm no Einstein, but I do know the difference between boiling and grilling. this is where my complaint lies - Why would such a reputable company (and I use the word "reputable" loosely) promote their signature burger, as a "Flame grilled" burger, when your very polite staff are telling customers that it is boiled???

To complete this note, I would like to let you know that we went to McDonald's only a kilometre down the road, and know feel that "the burgers are better at Maccas"

Your sincerely,

Ex Hungry Jacks Customer

Will keep you posted of any responses.