Thursday, 11 October 2007

Qantas? JetStar? Who the f@$%... Part 2

This is Part 2.

Part 1 is here.

Took them a while, but Qantas eventually replied to my complaint:

Dear Dikkii

Thank you for taking the time to provide us with your first hand experience of our codeshare flights to Bangkok and back to Melbourne, operated by Jetstar.

Qantas is committed to acting on what our customers tell us and although I can't answer you in detail, I can assure you that I have logged your feedback in our database. We run a continuous improvement program, which uses this feedback to help resolve problems and improve our product and service. Your feedback will be an invaluable input to that improvement process.

Although I can not respond to you with any further information, please be assured that I have provided your feedback to the management of the area responsible, so that they too can learn from your experience.

We value your support as a Frequent Flyer member and I hope you will give us the opportunity to show you Qantas at its best by flying with us again soon.

Yours sincerely

Brigitte Anttilla
Customer Care Executive
Qantas Airways Ltd

Fairly standard stuff - I wouldn't be surprised if Brigitte just cut and pasted from a form letter. I'm not really interested in pursuing this unless I hear from a lot of people who've had the same thing happen to them

In which case it could be a job for the trashy current affairs shows. I've always wanted to meet Anna Coren.

But I will go on record to say that I have no confidence in Qantas' code-sharing arrangements. Nor anyone else's for that matter, especially where a budget airline is used in place of a full-service one.

Disclosure: This blogger owns shares in Qantas.


Rex said...

We will never fly JetStar again. Lousy service, arrogant response to complaints, cheap tickets yes, but they are supposed to be a no frills airline, not a "no service" airline.

JetStar can be contacted on their switchboard number of 03 8628 3400 make sure to ask for Kylie Dimitris if you have a complaint.

Dikkii said...

I've gotta be honest, Rex. I've never actually had a real problem with Jetstar. Their flights leave on time, their planes are new, their flight attendants are all babes.

Unlike Qantas.

You know what you're going to get too. "No Frills service?" Not sure what you mean. No service was part of the Jetstar deal, last time I checked.

My problem in this instance was with Qantas - it was they who chose to put us on a Jetstar flight as a codeshare.