Tuesday, 20 November 2007

Complaint Posted for Cameron

I recently visited your QV store after reading your latest (15th Nov – 21st Nov) catalogue. I wanted to buy the digital photo frame on Page 19. In the colourful advertisement it says that the frame is made by AWA and is 7” with MP3 player and an extra photo of the detachable fame “included”. It says that it’s at the “everyday low price” of $98.

Now I thought it was too good to be true as it would be the perfect present for my friend…and guess what?! I was right. After making the trek from work on this 37 degree Monday 19th November, and looking around the store for this mirage of a product I finally approached the help desk to be greeted by a young lady by the name of Annette.

Annette let me know that that product did not exist and that if I wanted that exact product ADVERTISED in your catalogue I’d have to fork out around $130. Now, what got me to eventually write this email is the fact that there is no sign anywhere in the store mentioning the slip up, and directing customers to an equally good brand digital frame for $98, and to top it off there was no manager on duty.

The apparent manager Paul Harris hadn’t bothered to turn up to work on this fine Monday (he was probably at the beach, where I would have gone to on this HOT day), and there was no one else on to replace him. Pathetic!

It’s no wonder you can keep the prices so low on all of your products….You only have one manager for each area, and no back up replacements, plus products that don’t exist, thus no sales get done, and therefore you can’t pay for another manager…It’s a vicious cycle!

If you are going to advertise, at least have the brains to proof read your ads. You may not care but your customers do. In fact, if you can’t create a catalogue of 32 pages, you might as well give up, and start up a hot dog stand franchise.


The Hulk said...

Pretty good.
2 points for using Fat Bastard's line of "Its a vicious cycle"

3 Stars from the Hulk.

Dikkii said...

Yeah I'll give it three stars.

I am tempted to take points off for not threatening them with ACCC action, though. Assuming that you went in there (Officeworks? Harvey Norman?) on the dates in the catalogue, I would have thought that this was screaming out for a trip to the regulator.

Plonka said...

I'm with Dikkii. Definitely worth a rant about dodgey advertising practises and the ACCC's dislike of them.