Tuesday, 29 January 2008

Rebuttal for whinge posted under Red Rooster complaint.

In response to the comment left by “anonymous” on my Red Rooster “epic” complaint, whoever it may be. I guess I should start off by saying thankyou for reading and posting a whinge on our blog, but I won’t. What I will start off by saying is that the one thing that irritates me the most, even more than my harrowing experience at Red Rooster that day, is someone speaking about something they clearly know NOTHING about. But, before I continue, let me be the first to point out that “moswell” is not a word and if you were not aware, the word “their” has a counter part such as “there”, so maybe you might care to take notice of this next time you post a whinge so the rest of us literate people my read it without it being more excruciating than it already is. Structure of sentences and commas might help take some of the edge off as well.

So, may I begin by talking about what you “seem” to think and “believe”. To put it in laymen’s terms, YOU WERE NOT THERE! In case you are having trouble understanding this, it is not going a “little over the top”. The point of the complaint is that it is a “complaint”, not a love letter. The point of the complaint is to make a point and have it recognised, not rap it up in cotton wool and stick a nice little ribbon on top as you would seem to have it. For the record, and your offensive lack of understanding, the events that occurred on the day in question are 100% accurate, not that I need to justify or defend. I will do this simply so you may be able to follow. I hope we have that clear.

To bring the first part of your insignificant whinge apart, your frivolous comments about Simon and what he is capable of investigating or proving were nothing short of ridiculous and obviously lacked general intelligence. If one would employ just a small part of [their] (and as you can see I have used the correct spelling here, for future reference) grey matter, one may quite simply come to the conclusion that if you checked the security tapes on that day from the drive through, one could identify how long each and every car sat at the serving windows. Amazing! Also, as an added bonus, you would not even need to time it yourself as it would most likely have a timer on the screen already! Welcome to the 21st century!

Secondly, I am not a moron. I do realise, that sometimes at a drive-thru the service is speedy and efficient and makes your dining experience that much more of a pleasure. It is disgustingly clear by this comment you have made, that you do not understand this blog and complaints system whatsoever. The complaint, if you could actually comprehend, is about the entire CUSTOMER SERVICE experience. What is even more disturbing is that you ask me, or “tell” me not to blame the cashiers. If one is employed to do a job and they do not do that job, the onus is on them. But just to make it completely translucent for you, the direction of my blame was for the cashier, manager and Red Rooster as a company. There was complete failure from the cashier, (as they are point of sale) they should have at least a basic understanding of customer service, the manager was even worse to the point of being extremely rude, and Red Rooster itself for employing these totally inept people and not training them correctly.

Your next comment refers to the “new and friendly” staff you encountered. If I may pose a question, did it ever occur to you that the reason your encounter with these wonderful new staff was because someone actually alerted the right people and let them know what type of unacceptable service the old staff were delivering? Do you think it is possible that they made some well needed executive decisions and replaced these obviously unqualified and uncaring workers because of the comments that I took time to signify? If you have forgotten, you did actually state this at the end of your comment when realising they did obviously respond with action. This would indicate that my “aggressiveness” as you put it, was needed and justified in my complaint as it did incite action. Unfortunately, what you deem to be aggressive I clearly do not. This would of course depend on your own inadequate perception.

As for the rest of your comments, let me squash the relevance right out of them now and not waste any more time. 1. As for the renovation and Red Rooster’s budget, not once did I refer or complain about this whatsoever. (Please, stop here and re-read the complaint before proceeding if confusion is setting in). 2. Your reference to some employees that actually care about their job. This particular comment made me laugh in bewilderment as the entire complaint was about the people or staff who were physically there. THEY did not care about their work regardless if these other super friendly and caring staff actually exist somewhere else. HENCE THE COMPLAINT! The 3rd comment I wish to make reference to is the one where you feel it necessary to point out how much you enjoy eating there. I have one word for you, IRRELEVANT! As much as you may find this hard to believe, this situation is not about you or your daughter for that matter, which brings me to point number 4. I am sure your daughter is a wonderful young lady, not to mention the most outstanding, customer service orientated staff member Red Rooster has ever had the privilege of having on their books who copped her fair share of difficult customers. However, for the record, once again, the place was not busy as we were the only people there and I do not need to spare a thought for anyone who does not spare a thought for me and who’s choice it is to do that particular line of work, unless of course you feel it fair to put that line of guilt on me for all the difficult or rude customers your precious daughter had to serve.

In future before posting a whinge about certain complaints may I suggest that you take this little experience and use it as learning one. Just so there is no confusion from this point on, this blog was designed for specifically these types of complaints for people such as my partners and myself, to express the feelings of so many disgruntled patrons of many services, who are fed up with what seems to be the dying art of providing decent and acceptable customer service. If you find these types of complaints too abrasive for your tender touch, might I suggest you visit a less confronting blog. Maybe one where you can all pretend to sit around and give each other hugs. If you wish to continue visiting our blog however, if you are not aware, the “whinge” section is to leave a “comment” not a thesis on your irrelevant thoughts and utterly pointless remarks. So if I may suggest, please refrain from this in the future so I do not have to write another one of these letters. The mere fact I have to do this and explain these things to you is draining to say the least.

The Hulk

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