Tuesday, 1 June 2010

Woolworths Wish Card complaint

Here's a complaint that my good buddy Bagerk sent to Woolworths' Wish Card bunch:

To the customer service experts at Wish Card.

I received a gift card with the number inserted in the field above on it.
This made me think I had to go get a slab from Dan Murphy's. I attended the Dan
Murphy's in the Thrift Park Shopping centre in Parkdale. I acquired a most
excellent slab of Crownies which coincidentally were only a few more dollars
than a slab of Carlton Drafts and such great value I couldn't resist. I carried
the dam heavy box up to the counter to make my golden bottle purchase, this
however when I started to hate your organisations. I could only WISH that the
voucher Card would work.

The lady at the register informed me that she would scratch of the sticky
blob over the pin number for me which I thought was great especially when she
informed me she hated the new sticky blob over the number because it was
difficult to remove compared to what you used to cover the number with.. After
oh about 1 minute she managed to get to the stage where she swiped the card and
it didn't work invalid pin, I suggested she may not have scraped of all the
gloop and she hadn't which was great because now I can get my beer .. Or so you
would think right.. She scratched of the gloop revealed the extra hidden number
and lo and behold no more pin number issue.. But this is when it starts to get
really annoying..

The comment on the hand held banking facility at the register then began
stating Contact Bank which I thought was most frustrating as it wasn't even a
bank card I had presented, I mean it didn't even look like the anz cards that
sit next to it in my wallet, all this naturally was very embarrassing standing
at the register with all the other soon to be drunk people milling around beside

The attendant tried 3x and said I would have to call the provider of the card
(good thing she didn't say bank ay) I insisted on giving it a try with my magic
swipe skills, amazingly it didn't work..

I had to pay cash for my slab of wonderfully priced crownies which was most
disappointing! It did however let everyone proceed further in the queue and get
that small distance closer to drunken bliss.

End result I'm out of pocket and was advised by the attendant she could do
nothing, that I was to contact wish card to "have the expiry investigated as you
could extend the expiry date, she felt that the date written on it was not
correct, that they had had the card for ages and then just written the wrong
date on it before sending it to me". Now let me add..This was a gift from a well
respected member of the community a manager of a large and reputable firm.. I
would even hazard a guess that he in turn obtained the voucher card from his dad
who is in turn a very established manager at the director type level and
needless to say I'm sure neither of them would appreciate the slur or even the
hint of the slur on a card they provided.. So anyway needless is to say I went
off and cracked me one of those crownies post haste!

The saga continues unfortunately today I called the 1300 665 249 number that
is written on the card falsely assuming I could talk to someone about this
problem. I did confirm the amount was still valid and correct ($30) and the
expiry date is as was written on the card 24/05/11 and thus all is well and my
associates are not in fact fraudulent cheep shysters.

The automatic service alas had no option to talk to a person nor did it offer
me any way of obtaining a phone number of someone to talk to. I would love to
resolve this sordid mess and dismally all results thus far are leading me to the
conclusion you would like to wish me well but wish me away all in the one swoop
of your terminating automated non message system. You really couldn't annoy me
more so far..

I'm left believing you couldn't give a stuff if I have a good "wish card
experience", basically I'm getting screwed royally by your Corporations
inability to service your clients to this point.

Perhaps you would like to issue me, send me, a new gift card and include some
extra value on it for the waisted time and embarrassment I have experience so

In addition to that can you please advise why I should have to go through
this ridicules process and inevitably end up with a drinking problem due to the
fact ill now have to go buy another slab when all of this is resolved. and well
we all know if there's a beer in the fridge when you get home it's going to get
drunk and one leads to the next and then your asleep on the couch .. This will
only be made worse by you making me go and buy another one.

I WISH my experience was better.



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