Tuesday, 24 August 2010

Samsung Washing Machine - Give me my powder!

Dear Samsung,

It has come to my attention just how poo you really are. With all your bravado about technology and innovation, you’ve forgotten about the everyday somebody. You know….people…humans…ohhh forget about it. Too busy playing with machines to realise that humans still run this world. Anywho if we roll the clock back to June where I still thought your organisation was reputable, I was on the hunt for a new washing machine, and low and behold I found one, a Samsung one, with what seemed like a tacky yet decent deal. Buy now and receive 16kgs of washing powder. 16kgs I thought to myself, that could help me wash my elephant sized underpants or all the dirty cloths in Nepal.

So I bought it! And thought great. Now all I have to do is wait for washing powder to roll in. Wrong. After having to put together as much information as was gathered in the Spanish inquisition and sent off for my white gold, you can imagine how greatly disappointed I was to receive a letter back from “The Team at Samsung” – which sounds like the start of a joke…how many Samsung employees does it take to write a rejection letter?! – The letter ridiculously stated that my claim was an invalid! How would you know?! My claim is not an invalid! It’s a piece of paper. A clean white sheet made from the nicest of trees, a picture of virility and health. It doesn’t get around in a wheelchair…and it doesn’t get the front car spot at the supermarket. Beside the point, you knocked back my application for the powder as you received my application 3 days late. 3 days. Yes 3 days…explain yourself.

Instead of a nice letter stating – “unfortunately we are quite sorry that your were not able to gather as much evidence as is required in a murder trial yet still get your claim in on time” the letter from your “team” read “your claim is invalid” – huh. You would think that with a “team” of writers at Samsung you could produce a nicer letter…If I were you I’d look into that team, they might be a bit like Real Madrid where they are too busy worrying about what their hair looks like to remember who they’re playing for.

So as a curious customer I called the 1800 number to find out more. I left a message and was promised that I would be called back. Do you think I was called back?! Nuh. The Samsung Call Back Team must have been too busy stroking their machines to notice mere humans calling. Oh well. I suppose I will have to tweet and blog on just how crap you are…and if you lose just one customer out of all my effort it will be worth it.

Shame on you Samsung!


The Hulk said...

Where the hell did you come up with Nepal? You get an extra star just for that!!
Highly entertaining reading. By the way, If you end up getting 16kg of powder I could use some!!
4 stars from me. The Hulk likey!!!

Shaun Mclain said...

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