Tuesday, 26 June 2012

More Qantas...

This on Wednesday last week in response to my original complaint which you can find by clicking here:

Dear Mr Dikkii,

Thank you for your email and your very considered feedback.

I can let you know, that in accordance with feedback from many of our customers, we serve a UHT full fat homgenised (sic) milk with beverages.

With breakfast cereal we serve a "slightly fat reduced" milk.

I hope I have clarified this for you.

Kind regards

Virginia Hargreaves
Customer Care Executive

I've only just dashed off my response:

Dear Ms Hargreaves,

Thank you for your response.  I’m not certain that things have been clarified, but I do appreciate your extremely prompt response.

I am certain that you probably get all manner of complaints in your position.  I’m sure that you’re very good at responding to them.  But, without meaning to tell you how to do your job, please allow me to tell you how to do your job.

Firstly, when responding to a complaint about low fat milk being served with muesli, try to refrain from rubbing your complainant’s nose in it by boasting about other occasions where full cream milk (or “full fat” as you erroneously refer to it) is served.

I do entertain the possibility that you have confused me with another passenger’s concerns.  In this case, I should remind you that this can often be perceived by the complainant as somewhat maddening.

Secondly, please add me to the ‘many’ that support having “full fat” milk with their beverage.  I support this.  Whilst I suspect that you meant to appeal to popular support in the following sentence, and whilst your overdue reduction of ‘everybody’ to ‘many people’ was probably more accurate, I eagerly await Qantas’ next response, which I suspect will reduce this further to ‘would you believe...’ and be sent from the email box of Maxwell Smart. 

In closing, please bring back full cream milk to have with cereal and leave low fat milk for those who want it.  Kthxbai.

Yours sincerely, 


That should be the end of that.

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