Wednesday, 13 August 2008

Posted for Cameron

Quick email to The Age online.

There is a small button that allows you to send new tips. So I did.

Tip Number 1: Find someone interesting to write Catherine Deveny’s column. Honestly it’s like watching re-runs of Burke’s Back Yard. BORING! Her opinions are about as relevant as a Hawiian tee shirt. Please, for the love of writers everywhere give someone else a go. Someone who is appealing, witty and purhaps semi attractive.


Cameron Davidson


The Hulk said...

Short,sweet and personal. I like it. I was going to write one like that the other day about the bullshit articles written by some other feminist in the Herald-Sun. Journalism has taking a nasty downturn of late. They must get them all from Today Tonight, A Current Affair and the like.

Dikkii said...

Was this to 50:50?