Wednesday, 13 January 2010


To whom it may concern or that idiot Lynne Kosky,What a pathetic system this is. One and a half bilion dollars or whatever it is that you have spent and the website doesn't even work properly. From the time I logged on (Which took several attempts over 2 days) it took me over 1 hour to get to this point after finally getting my details in for a card. 1 HOUR!!!!! And even then I put in my details and does not give you an option to choose Street/Road etc. Honestly, I cannot see why there is such a delay on this site and if it is going to take this long each time I need to log on and "top up" i cant see how this will work. What an absolute debacle/fiasco/shambles/calamity and any other word you can think of which describes the extent of my misfortune in accessing this site and my tax dollars wasting away. However, credit where credit is due. Well done on your contract where you managed to get a bonus for being 3 years overdue and a billion dollars over budget. Outsatnding.


Dikkii said...

You must be reading my mind, Hulkmeister. Here's a question I asked on Twitter this morning:

Is it just me or are the reasons the Victorian government is giving for Myki exceedingly weak?

The consensus appears to be, sadly, yes.

And great complaint/bitch/moan etc too by the way. Let us know if you receive a response.

Anonymous said...
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