Monday, 15 September 2008

The Australian Financial Review Part The Final

This is Part 10.

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You pleased it’s all over?

Me too. Finally received this from Stuart from The Age this morning:

Thank you for your query regarding your subscription to The Financial Review. Your subscription has been extended by 8 weeks to compensate for the missed deliveries.

The contact number for any queries regarding subscriptions, deliveries or suspensions is 9604 1025 and is available 7 days from 6am. until 5pm Monday to Friday, 2.00p.m. Saturdays and 12 noon Sundays.


[Insert The Age graphic here]

I feel kinda sad that it’s over. But I’ll probably have something new to complain about next week.



The Hulk said...

Finally!!! Man was that so hard to fix??????
Nice to see they did not apologise at all. Great customer service once again but hey, that might be too much to ask considering what it took just to get the thing delivered. 4 stars for your persistance Dikkster!!

Dikkii said...

Dammit, I didn't even notice that they hadn't apologised.

Oh well. In this case, they've fixed it. I'm happy now.

Leigh said...

Well they wouldn't apologise would they - that is then an admission of guilt and that they did something wrong.......and we can't have accountability in this day and age!!!

Dikkii said...

Welcome to the blog, Leigh.

Don't worry, I'm taking this statement as an apology:

"Your subscription has been extended by 8 weeks to compensate for the missed deliveries."