Thursday, 28 June 2007

Complaint about a complaint to Connex

I think this is a cracker……

Over a week ago now I emailed you about a complaint that I felt was worthy of letting you know about. It was in regards to being squashed in like a sardine on your trains due to their being not enough carriages. I was particularly displeased at the time due to it making my trip to work nothing short of painful, to say the very least. The next day however, it was made apparent that you had problems with some of the train's brakes within the fleet. I understand that this may have had something to do with it but it was not the first time even so. Having taken that into account, I assumed that would give you a valid reason to reply to me with, for that particular instance anyway. This was not the case. Not only did you not reply with that, you have not replied at all! According to the automatic reply that was sent, you would be contacting me within 7 days. This kind of customer service is totally unacceptable. Obviously customer service does not seem to be a high priority in your organisation which is clearly reflected in the way you run your sub-standard rail service. I do not see the point in providing an avenue for customer feedback where you state that you will respond and do not. It not only wastes my time, it makes the entire exercise frivolous. Further more it really does accentuate how incompetent Connex really is and how little you care about your customers. If I can take the time to provide some feedback for you to take on board, surely you can at least humour me with some type of response at the very least. If not, I have a suggestion for you. Do not provide a platform for this to occur, or any other platform for that matter. It will make no difference because if you continue to run your organisation the way you are at present you will not be around for much longer anyway. Maybe then I will not be travelling on and trying to communicate with a totally incompetent and sub-standard rail company.

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Dikkii said...

Congrats on your first post, Rossco. Well done.