Friday, 29 June 2007

My follow up Red Rooter Complaint. Ouch!

To Clearly No One Cares,

I am writing you this complaint after a recent experience I had at your Alphington/Fairfield outlet. I need not go into the entire scenario again as a fellow dinner (or lack there of) has put his complaint forward also.

I’m a firm believer that without customer feedback you can never really know how you are positioned within the market. Let me tell you, right now after that woeful experience I would rate Red Rooster lower than a microwave dinner. At least at home I don’t have to put up with incompetent, blatantly annoying and clearly shocking customer service.

Why would one work in hospitality if they have no customer service?? You don’t see Pauline Hanson working in a Chinese take-away do you??? Seriously, just because you food is cheaper than a restaurant doesn’t mean you can cut corners with staff. The manager that I faced on that day was nothing short of inept.

I not one of those people who is hung up on body size, but one must look respectable. I put this to you that if you were to go to a dentist with crooked, yellow teeth, or a hairdresser with a wig, would you trust them? Simply put (at not at all trying to be harsh), the manager of your store was obese. Her clothes were dishevelled and dirty, and she was enormous.

Sadly if you are to continue down this path, you are going to end up being the next Pizza Hut. A forgotten, greasy taste on the back of people’s tongues, never to raise your pathetic heads again.

Red Rooster should be Red Faced!


Anonymous said...

Absolutley Fantastic Cameron, i love Red Rooster...............Not!!!


Dikkii said...

Red Rooster - what's with the fake chicken in the chicken strips?

Anonymous said...

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