Thursday, 28 June 2007

This is the 2nd Compliant I just sent to Optus. You'll get the drift.

Replying to a complaint should primarily be about solving the issue/s at hand and finding a solution that is equally beneficial to both parties, NOT call me up whilst I’m at work apologise for something you know nothing about and find no resolution to the problem, but proceed to inform me of facts I already am aware of. The words I would use for this type of response are: useless, ineffective, hopeless, pathetic, incompetent, inept and all round rubbish.

I didn’t leave feedback so one more person could get on the phone and tell me to tell my tale of woe again. I left the complaint to get a resolution. After speaking with the complaints person, his excuse for “a resolution” was to tell me that my phone line was not connected (that’s amazing... Because I told you that already, are you a psychic??), and that he would meet with the people I spoke with to convey my disgust (even though he had no idea of which call centre they worked in).

To my disgust Optus has failed to provide me with any real reason to use them at all. A simple complaint about a phone line and a rude staff member has materialised into nothing. What a shock. I’m sure Optus will pick up the ball eventually, when they realise that money isn’t everything, customers are or when hell freezes over, or world peace breaks out or when Osama Bin Laden becomes a Christian.

Grow up Optus, grow up.

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Dikkii said...

Great work, nice1.

You going to give up trying to talk to them and put it in print, I hope?