Thursday, 9 August 2007

Another anchise that has lost the plot - Spudbar

To Whom It May Concern:

Let me start by saying that I have been a customer of Spudbar for around 7+ years, first being turned on to your simple and delicious menu at your St Kilda location. This is where the reminiscing ceases.

Unfortunately as a company grows, you often lose sight and control of your core values, and as you expand your empire you bring on franchisees, and they employ staff thus diluting your control even further. This is still not a good enough excuse for what happened to my friend today.

My friend bought a spud from your Equitable Place (Collins St) location. Half way through eating her lunch she came across a hair that was about 30cms long. I’m sure I don’t need to express to you how physically sick it makes me feel when food is prepared as if we lived in a third world country with no health standards.

The issue is not so bad and can be an unfortunate mistake that can happen anywhere. What brings me to write this email (on behalf of my friend) is the treatment we were given when presenting the issue back with the Collins St outlet. A simple “sorry” and refund would have sufficed, but what we got was a cold hearted and abhorrent reminder as to why big franchises often lack any customer service when it comes to difficult situations.

The complete and utter lack of interest by the employee (who’s hair it most likely was) proves that Spudbar with all it’s “earth friendly” mumbo jumbo is merely another big corporate pulling our environmental heart strings to hand over our hard earned dollar. Simply put, stop masquerading as a business that “cares”! Reality check, you do care…..purely about money.

New slogan: Spudbar – Feeds (Head Lice) Well


nice1bruva said...

The title was supposed to read - Another FRANCHISE that has lost the plot. Blogger may need new software!

Rev. Dikkii said...

You can edit the heading. But how do we know you didn't just f*ck up and type "anchise"?

Rev. Dikkii said...

By the way, that's one long pube.

The Hulk said...

Nice but I would have included what the person said to you. Very well structured. Probably your best yet!!
By the way Dikki, you can say fuck on this blog....after all it is ours.

Rev. Dikkii said...

I would say "fuck" as long as it's OK rocking up in your inbox tomorrow when the Recent Whinges email comes in.

Some firewall administrators aren't cool about this sort of thing.