Thursday, 9 August 2007

I can't believe they would question my integrity! - Spud reply

Dear Clay,

As stated in my first email, the situation was not one of apology, but one of solving the situation with haste so no other customers were aware of the situation. I can say with complete confidence that my friend was not offered an apology, she was however offered another spud, for which she declined. She then had to ask for a refund, which I thought was ludicrous in the fact that it should have been the first thing offered. When I eat out at a restaurant and I receive something I didn’t order, the restaurants first step after an apology would be to offer the meal for free. Just because you have an “outlet” doesn’t excuse you from becoming a hot dog stand.

I can imagine that when faced with any issue one becomes defensive, so I can understand the franchisees response to the complaint. Regardless of how busy the store was, customers once again should be the number 1 priority, not just money. I can say however that I’m not out to “get” anyone and have certainly been truthful in my account of the events. The only reason I have complained on my friend’s behalf is that she simply said she would never use Spudbar again, and I mentioned that if no one makes them aware of their mistakes then they will never be able to rectify the situation for the benefit of all their other customers.

I am certainly open to helping you resolve this matter and am available for further comment if needed.




The Hulk said...

Ho Hooooo!!!! Go Cam. Yes you do owe us a drink. Second freebee of the blog. Look out!!!!

Rev. Dikkii said...

I'm giving you 5 stars on the assumption that his next response is inadequate and you'll then be forced to crack the sads.

Go berzerk on the next one!!!

Dikkii said...

nice1 - did you get a response to this?