Thursday, 2 August 2007

Flight Centre Reply - Freebies always win me over!

Dear Cameron,

I am sorry to hear you were disappointed with the service your received for your last holiday.

I would like to offer you a $50 credit in our store for use on a future holiday. For future reference, most hotels charge for parking and we do not advise on this. You should have been advised of extra fees due on your car. I suggest that next time you let your consultant know the bedding configuration you would prefer so they can take this into account when making a booking for you.

Your credit will be valid for use until 30 June 08 at Galleria Flight Centre and can be used for domestic or international travel, flights, accommodation or insurance.

Thank you for your feedback.

Kind regards,



Dikkii said...

The squeaking wheel gets the grease. Nice one, brother.

The Hulk said...

Great work!!! Is that the first free-bee of the blog?
Ho Hoooo!!! if it is!!

Dikkii said...

I do believe it is the first freebee.

We should celebrate with a drink.