Wednesday, 4 July 2007

Collingwood's poor handling of Alan Didak

Let me say how disappointed I am there is no where to discuss Didak and more to the point Eddie’s ridiculous behaviour over the last few weeks. Don’t think the fans of football are too stupid to realise that Collingwood HQ is ignoring the issue and hoping it just up and vanishes into this air.

First of all let me say that I can understand the situation Didak found himself in. Dobbing on the Hell’s Angels is a brave act, and he wasn’t to know the Hudson was going to kill someone 6 days later. Lesson learnt, next time grow some balls and confess. You could save a life.

What I do think is ridiculous is the attitude the club took after the fact. Examples have been made in the past for indiscretions at other clubs, Tarrant being the most recent. 2 weeks for a punch (which included no guns, speeding or illegalness). Suspended straight away, with no questions asked. What’s Collingwood’s response???? “This is his last chance”……….. I would hate to be around when he loses his last chance.

Couldn’t have another big name player out against the Hawks could you? No Rocca, no Didak, we could lose thought Eddie. I think I’m going to take a risk and play Didak and then think about his punishment next week. NOT good enough.

This type of action makes me sick. If there’s ever a time to hate Collingwood it’s now! Booooooooo Collingwood, Boooooooooo


Dikkii said...

Damn nice1bruva. You're getting good at this. This is the kinda post I should be doing at my other blog.

Collingwood's inaction on this is just plain wrong. It strikes me that this sort of thing might have happed in Pieland before, and to suspend Didak might be regarded as inconsistent.

The question would then be, what has been concealed in the past?

nice1bruva said...

Thank's Dikki. This is an issue that I couldn't let slide. You will also see that I have made a complaint to one of their major sponsors beacuse I know they won't action my concerns.

Dikkii said...

Nice1, keep your eyes on Greg's blog - he is bound to comment on the Didak debacle soon, I'm sure, and it will be scathing.

Of this I am certain.