Tuesday, 17 July 2007

Red Rooster follow up complaint

Att: Kim Quigley, Personal Assistant to Regional Manager & Victorian State Manager.

Dear Kim,

Recently I decided to contact you about a particularly displeasing situation that I was forced to endure at your Fairfield store. As you might recall, it was a fairly lengthy and harsh complaint that I decided to forward you, in the hope of at least the slightest little thing being done about it. 1: so no one else has to go through it, and 2: your services improve.

The first positive thing that came out of this situation was your prompt reply. I thought this was particularly good due to the fact that you must be a very busy person who has better things to do than answer complaints such as mine. Unfortunately, that is where it ended. Upon receiving your email, you stated that an investigation into the store was going to take place by your area manager Simon Collard. You further stated that once this had taken place, Simon would like to contact me via telephone to discuss the matter and would be contacting me in a “timely” manner, obviously after I replied with my contact number.

According to the dictionary, the word “timely” is stated as: Occurring at a suitable or opportune time, Early; soon. It does not seem to me that either of these definitions have occurred, or, your or Mr Collard’s definition of “timely” is completely different. Other than that, you or Mr Collard, might just as simply, not care. Either way, your reply email to me was on the 4th of July. As you know, it is now the 17th. I would have expected that this was ample time for me to be contacted by your area manager.

Ms Quigley, I do not wish to add to the burden of your working day by sending you these complaints but I do expect you and Mr Collard to follow through with your promises otherwise it wastes your and my time and makes the whole exercise frivolous. Further more; it does make me consider the fact that you had just hoped to shut me up by returning my email, assuring me that customer concerns are taken very seriously. At this point in time, it would seem to me that my concerns, as a customer, are most definitely not being taken seriously.

If I have jumped the gun and have not given you enough time to deal with this matter, I do present my apologies. However, I do not wish to be played like a fool. If yourself or Mr Collard cannot fulfil your promises and follow through with your actions it will make it clear to me that a massive lack of professionalism in your organisation is rife, which would explain the initial woeful service I was subjected to in the first place. In conclusion, having taken this much time to address the situation, I EXPECT this to be dealt with or I will be forced to pursue the matter at a higher level.

I do thank you for your time and hope this can be resolved in a mutually beneficial manner and timeframe.

Yours sincerely,


Dikkii said...

That's gold, Hulk.

Expect a result - you were succinct, polite, yet you bit down hard where you had to.

In fast food (and I have first hand experience) written complaints are treated with serious seriousness.

Dikkii said...

Normally, anyway.

The Hulk said...

We shall see Dikki, we shall see..... The full wrath of the Hulk could be iminent!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I just spent $10.40 for a mediterranean fillet burger meal -upsized. It is fairly expensive but I was still happy to pay for it.
However, the meal was spoiled by the chips being very salty!
I can't go back there, since it was ordered by the drive through.

I can't even ring up to tell the manager about it, nobody picks up the phone! What poor service, maybe Red Rooster has lost a lifetime customer...Wonder how much is that worth?

Disgruntled customer,