Wednesday, 4 July 2007

McDonalds Complaint connected to my Collingwood Complaint

This was sent because I know Collingwood won't respond - I'll hit'em from all angles!

I just wanted to say how disappointed I am with McDonald's inaction in relation the Alan Didak incident over the past few weeks. Just because you're only a sponsor doesn't mean you should just sit back and watch the McDonald's name be connected with a football club that doesn't punish plays for being a part of illegal activity that sadly resulted in the death of innocent man.

This is the perfect time for McDonalds to stand up and make Collingwood aware that you do not condone the behaviour of Didak in relation to the Hudson murder. Collingwood does not deserve your kindness and understanding in this matter. If they had of suspended Didak with the knowledge they had until the case is sorted, no worries, however Collingwood have chosen to deal with the issue at a snails pace. Too slow for corporate responsibility if you ask me. McDonalds is a family store, don't get caught being the supporter of a hypocrisy!

Stand up McDonalds, before you are looked upon as a spineless supporter.

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