Friday, 27 July 2007

Optus Annoying Me Agian - What a shock?!!

To Whom It May Concern:

This is now my 2nd complaint about your services in the past 2 months. 2 from 2, you certainly are doing well!

I recently signed up for a phone and internet package. The phone and internet were supposed to be connected the same week, the internet being cable. After the internet was connected, I tried calling our home number (as connecting a phone line isn’t rocket science). When calling our number the phone line rings, but unfortunately the phone in our house doesn’t (again, not a difficult issue I would have thought).

Upon finding this out I called Optus customer service and sent a query in via email. A man named Dalip called and informed me that he had received my query and to provide him with my phone number so he could check our account. I did so and he proceeded to tell me that our phone wasn’t connected (wow…I think he was Albert Einstein’s reincarnation). He then proceeded to tell me that he would get back to me with a resolution. The “resolution” he so proudly spoke of was a short email with the extract:

Firstly, I would like to apologise on behalf of Optus for any distress and inconvenience that you may have experienced in connection with this matter.

As per your enquiry, we tried to find out your account information, but unfortunately were not able to locate it.”

We have recently received our latest bill where we have still been charged the line rental and connection fee. How convenient that YOU can’t find out details but you billing system can.
This kind of negligent behaviour is typical of a company that has lost touch with its customers. If you think that customer service is sending completely useless answers, and pushing queries into the “I can’t be bothered” file, then prepare to stay an average telecommunications company forever.


Dikkii said...

Holy Mary mother of FSM that is one silly response.

If I was actually pissed off, I would have had similar complaint letters to write to iinet who I'm currently dealing with for a new phone/internet package.

But being away on holidays, I don't have to worry about this sort of stuff.

Quite like Dilip's resolution. Inventive.

Anonymous said...


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Dikkii said...

Thanks Anonymous, if that is your real name but if it's all the same to you, "their" samples appear awfully tame compared to some of the ones that we've posted.

With all due respect, we couldn't really give a flying fuck about being optimised for search engines, media attention or the like. The internet brought you here, didn't it.

On a related question, why do inebriated consumers warrant priority treatment? It appears a little silly to get pissed before posting a well-structured and argued complaint letter, don't you think?

Daizy Joshi said...

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