Wednesday, 18 July 2007

Flight Centre - Adelaide Stuff Up

To Whom It May Concern:

I recently booked a trip to Adelaide from your Galleria location. The process of booking the flight, accommodation and transport was more than adequate and I felt that I should firstly say that my initial experience was great. Unfortunately for me that’s where the joy ended.

The trip was merely for a weekend with my fiancĂ© and a couple of friends, where we were to visit my fiancĂ©’s brother-in-law for his 40th Birthday. It was supposed to be a quick trip for a low cost to help him celebrate.

The problem started as soon as we touched down at Adelaide Airport. We went to collect our car, and found out that there was a further $28 fee on top of what we had already paid. Although not a large figure, I was shocked that a company like yourselves who claim to be “unbeatable” would not make me aware of extra costs. I assume you are “unbeatable” because you “omit” information out of your prices to beat your competitors.

To top things off, when we arrived at our 4 star hotel we found that our 2 bedroom apartment was set up for 2 couples, each room containing a double bed. Which left me to ponder, did our flight centre consultant think that Ross and Shaun were more than just friends? What sort of moron would book a room with 2 double beds for 3 guys and a girl? It seemed like the cheapest room in the Hotel was booked, again relating to the “unbeatable” that you so boldly place on your shop fronts.

Finally to top things off as we went to check out the lady behind the counter tried to charge me for parking my car under the Hotel. AGAIN something that wasn’t stated when we booked. All in all I spent little more than $50 extra, but the entire weekend was down right painful.

Your company certainly is “unbeatable” in “omitting”, “deceiving” and “annoying” its customers. I thought well branded companies were ethical?? How stupid of me to assume that because you say you’re the cheapest still means I get good service. Sometimes you do get what you pay for.


The Hulk said...

Not bad. It does finish off as a real whinge though. I don't know if it will entice a response......but lets wait and see.

The Hulk said...

also, "omiting" information is against the Trade Practices Act. Maybe you could include that if you get a response.

Dikkii said...

Not a bad build up to an excellent finish.

Personally, I agree with the ACCC who took Flight Centre to the cleaners a few years ago over their Lowest Airfares Guaranteed ® slogan that they used to use.

Apparently they were incapable of delivering that guarantee right from inception. Funny that.

Dikkii said...

Incidentally Hulk, I suspect that you're referring to Section 52 (Thou shalt not engage in misleading or deceptive conduct).

I reckon that there's a whole heap of things in the Act that nice1bruva could throw at them.