Tuesday, 3 July 2007

Fox8 and it's pot calling kettle black. Sent Today!

I was happily watching your channel on Sunday afternoon when in between shows I caught a snippet of Ian Thorpe’s new show “Fish out of water”. Although the show offers some great insight into keeping our environment safe and creating awareness to a growing issue, I found it hard to swallow any advise from someone who has only just started to care now that he is unemployed.

The issue Thorpey was tackling was of the growing demand for new clothes by young people trying to keep up with fashion, and its direct connection with harming our precious environment. The topic was very interesting apart from an alarming fact.

How can I be seriously expected to swallow information about not buying new clothing from someone who quite blatantly claims to be a fashion spokesperson. Who I have seen several times hosting fashion events, wearing fashion from all over the world, traipsing round pretending he’s Georgio Armani???? It was like watching a show with Saddam Hussain as host talking about the love of a democratic society. Seriously the host couldn’t have been further away from the topic!

If the environmental topics are ever going to be taken seriously can we a least have someone who cares, and isn’t just in it because he’s got nothing better to do with his time?? Rarely does it work when a movie star becomes a singer and visa versa, so Thorpey, go back to swimming and leave the TV to the big people!


Dikkii said...

I often said that professional sport, just like rock and roll, leaves it's practitioners in a state of arrested development.

I'll extend Thorpe some slack here - he's probably only learning that the word 'hypocrisy' exists.

The Hulk said...

What were you doing watching Ian Thorpe anyway.....The word "gay" immediately springs to mind.

You weren't a fan of Thorpie's Angels I hope?

nice1bruva said...

Poor hulk. Once again missing the point. Fox8 is pretty much devoted to The Simpsons, and thus was the reason for me to watch it in the first place. The Thorpe program was a filler between shows.