Wednesday, 11 July 2007

The Didak Dilemma - Mc Donalds' Response

Hello Cameron,

Thank you for taking the time to contact McDonald's regarding your concerns with the incident with Collingwood Football Club player Alan Didak.

In relation to the incident with Alan Didak, we have been very active in voicing our concerns about the incident and have raised these concerns with the Collingwood Football Club.

The Collingwood Football Club has kept McDonald's informed about the incident at all times. We are confident that Collingwood Football Club has handled the matter in a professional manner.

We are satisfied that the strict behavioural guidelines imposed on Alan Didak are an appropriate punishment.

Collingwood held a press conference as soon as the controversy came to light on the Thursday evening. The Club has been very restricted in what it is able to provide to the media because of on-going police investigations.

It is important to note that Alan Didak was at no time suspected of any crime, has been cleared by the Victoria Police of any wrong doing and was only ever interviewed as a witness.

Collingwood Football Club was technically not able to suspend Alan Didak as he is not guilty of any specific offence and has not broken any specific code of conduct.

The Club is embarrassed and very disappointed by the behaviour of Alan Didak given that he was out late at night, drinking to excess and as a result made some very stupid decisions.

As a result, the Collingwood Football Club has imposed very strict behavioural guidelines and any breach of these guidelines will result in instant termination of his contract. These are the most severe sanctions ever handed down to a player in the AFL.

It is unfair to make any connection between Alan Didak and the eventual shooting, particularly as police were already aware of the incident. The public humiliation suffered by Alan Didak is a tremendous punishment in itself. Alan has been remorseful and accepted the behavioural guidelines.

Once again thanks for taking the time to raise your concerns with us about our sponsorship with the Collingwood Football Club.

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Dikkii said...

Nice fast response. They appear to be towing the Collingwood line on the spin doctoring and all that.

I wonder how quick they'll be to act if Didak gets any charges thrown at him for not being honest with the police?