Wednesday, 11 July 2007

The Didak Dilemma - My McDonalds' response to that trash

Dear Sarah,

Thank you for your prompt response. Much of what you have said I agree with, and then there are some points I strongly disagree with. I agree that Didak can not be blamed for the shootings in the city, and I duly retract that comment. I also agree that McDonalds’ connection with the club does a lot of good in developing young players and providing the community with a fantastic sporting outlet.

What I do not agree with is the simple problem of “corporate gullibility” where by Collingwood has made facts aware to the media that are simply ridiculous, and you’d have to be mentally incapable to believe them.

Have you ever been near a gun when it is discharged? Have you ever been in a car travelling at over 180km/h being chased by police for the first time? Wouldn’t you be totally awake and scared out of your mind? I know I certainly would and the simple fact is, regardless of how drunk you claim to be, there’s nothing more sobering than being in an incredibly tense situation, especially if it’s illegal.

The pathetic claim that Didak made saying he was asleep, when “the shots were fired” is total and utter baloney. Come on don’t pretend to believe such nonsense.

That’s my sole issue. The fact that corporate companies choose to swallow absolute rubbish because it’s easier on their company conscience. You should bring out a new McDidak meal, where you receive an empty paper bag, because someone “forgot” to put in a burger and fries. Ignorance is bliss…..


Dikkii said...

Don't expect a response to this one. But your points were well made.

The Hulk said...

Extra points for the word baloney!!!

Now, that is a complaint. Take note Dikki. Asking questions about rate rises is not a complaint, this is.

Dikkii said...

Asking questions about rate rises is not a complaint, this is.

Maybe so, Hulk, but at least I got to post a ripper follow up.

Dikkii said...

It took him a while, but Greg's response to the Didak incident is in, and it is scathing, as expected.

Get amongst it.